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Non-animal Chitosan available now

(Posted: 30th Oct 2017 at 08:49)

Glentham Life Sciences has become a major catalogue and semi-bulk supplier of chitosan, chitin and chitosan derivatives supplying gram quantities up to hundreds of kilograms, to customers located around the world.

Our focus is on supplying universities, pharmaceutical and cosmetics companies, and to the agricutural and food industries. Our products rival the quality of medical grade chitosan products, but are available at a much lower cost with complete flexibility on packaging and quantities.

The majority of the chitosan products that we sell currently originate from shrimp. The raw materials are extracted from the outer shells and refined to provide a wide range of high quality products, with a variety of different molecular weights.

As our chitosan sales have continued to grow, we have noticed an increasing demand for chitosan and chitin products from alternative, non-animal sources. We are now pleased to introduce a complete range of non-animal chitosan and chitin products, which have been extracted from fungi:

GP9941 Chitosan (10 cps), fungal origin
GP7895 Chitosan (10 – 30 cps), fungal origin, Aspergillus niger
GP2311 Chitosan (100 – 300 cps), fungal origin
GP2180 Chitosan (50 - 800 cps), high density, fungal origin Aspergillus niger
GP9510 Chitosan (1000 cps), fungal origin

GC8934 Chitin, fungal origin

Chitosan Derivatives
GC8479 Carboxymethyl chitosan (10 - 80 cps), fungal origin
GU3511 Chitosan oligosaccharide, fungal origin
GP0962 Chitosan hydrochloride (10 - 100 cps), fungal origin, water soluble
GP9340 Chitosan hydrochloride (100 - 800 cps), fungal origin, water soluble

For more information on any of the products or above, or for advice on your application, please do not hesitate to contact us. Samples and small quantities are available for testing now.

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