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COVID-19: Research & Candidates for Therapy

Here we list the products that are currently being investigated for effectiveness against COVID-19

16 March 2020

COVID-19: Research & Candidates for Therapy

There are a number of research products supplied by Glentham Life Sciences that are thought to have therapeutic potential against COVID-19, or could help to limit further spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

The following products are all listed and sold by Glentham for research purposes, and can be delivered next-day across Europe and North America:

GP4306 - Camostat mesylate (59721-29-8)
GA7477 - Chloroquine diphosphate salt (50-63-5)
GP6351 - Lopinavir (192725-17-0)
GP1071 - Remdesivir (1809249-37-3)
GA5462 - Ribavirin (36791-04-5)
GP3714 - Ritonavir (155213-67-5)

We will continue to update this list as more potential candidates are highlighted to us.

Last updated: 16/03/20