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Sustainability: Glentham solar energy project goes live

We have invested in a sizeable solar PV system at our site in Corsham, Wiltshire

31 March 2023

Sustainability: Glentham solar energy project goes live

Glentham Life Sciences has shown a commitment to its headquarters in Corsham, and to switching away from fossil fuels to more sustainable energy solutions.

After more than a year of planning, the system comprising more than 320 Solar Edge panels has been installed and will provide Glentham with:

  • 120 kWp DC power, amounting to around 106 MWh per year

  • Self sufficient energy supply for two thirds of the year

  • An energy surplus for half of the year

  • A simulated total of almost 25 tonnes of CO2 emissions saved over the next 25 years

As well as a shift towards a more sustainable solution, the installation will also reduce Glentham’s reliance on external energy sources, which over the past year have been a cause of concern for all businesses.

The system also provides us with the opportunity for further development of the Corsham site, including EV charge points for staff use.