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Chemical Product Directory


Amino Acids (164)
Our range of high quality amino acids, including L-, D-, DL- isomers and non-animal origin amino acids.

Amino Acid Derivatives (407)
Our range of modified and unnatural amino acids, including common protected (Fmoc, Boc, Cbz) amino acids, N-methyl- amino acids and amino alcohols.

Albumins (8)

Antibiotics (781)
A comprehensive range covering common, specialist and rare antibiotics.

Antifungals (38)

Antimicrobials (840)

Antivirals (48)

APIs (2413)
Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients for research and development.

Bile Salts (10)

Biochemicals (2976)
A comprehensive, combined list of chemicals and biochemicals from other key ranges, including amino acids, antibiotics and biological buffers.

Buffers (192)
Biological buffers for cell culture media, bioactive molecule stabilisation and pH control.

Buffer Solutions (44)

Carbohydrates (873)
High quality carbohydrates including sugars and derivatives.

Core Carbohydrates (63)
A range of sugars including monosaccharides, disaccharides, polysaccharides and derivatives.

Chitin & Chitosan (28)

Fungal Origin Chitin & Chitosan (7)

Cytotoxins (93)
Cytotoxic products for research.

Detergents (226)
Detergents and surfactants suitable for research, diagnostics and industrial applications.

Carbohydrate Detergents (74)

Dyes & Stains (912)
A range of high quality dyes, stains and indicators suitable for diagnostic, laboratory and industrial applications.

Dye Solutions (22)

Stains & Stain Solutions (35)

Enzyme Inhibitors (32)
Enzyme inhibitors for applications including recombinant protein production and cell biology.

Enzymes (96)
High quality DNA polymerases, reverse transcriptases, DNA ligases and proteases.

Coenzymes (28)

Enzyme Substrates (78)
Enzyme substrates for research and in vitro diagnostic applications.

Fmoc Amino Acids (500)
Fmoc protected amino acids of the highest purity for peptide synthesis

Inorganic Acids (32)

Inorganic Bases (26)

Inorganics (1010)

Metal Salts (786)

Rare Earth Compounds (391)

Precious Metal Salts (173)

Ion-Pair Reagents (30)
Products of exceptional quality, suitable for use in Ion Pair Chromatography.

Metals (1182)

Natural Products (110)
A very popular and expanding range of natural polymers including Chitin, Chitosan and Dextran.

Nucleosides & Nucleotides (1002)
Nucleosides & nucleotides for pharmacology, cell biology and molecular biology applications.

Nucleic Acids (0)

Phosphoramidites (49)

Oligosaccharides (446)

Organics (285)

Alcohols (42)

Aldehydes (26)

Ethers (0)

Heterocycles (0)

Ketones (15)

Organic Acids (90)

Organic Bases (33)

Phenols (76)

Quinones (0)

Organometallics (282)

Peptide Reagents (19)
A comprehensive range of reagents used in peptide coupling, including EDC hydrochloride and HATU.

Phytochemicals (2469)
A wide range of phytochemicals, plant extracts and alkaloids, including Nicotine and Resveratrol.

Alkaloids (76)

Carotenoids (12)

Catechins (15)

Polysaccharides (138)

Solvents (200)
High purity and ultrapure solvents for general laboratory applications and analysis.

Steroids (138)
Androgen, estrogen, corticosteroid, vitamin D and cholesterol based steroids.

Thiocyanates (9)
A compact product range, containing some of our most competitive and popular products.

Vitamins (177)
High purity vitamins for in vitro diagnostics, nutrition research, and cell biology applications.

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