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Amino Acid Derivatives

This is our comprehensive range of modified and unnatural amino acids. This list includes protected (Fmoc, Boc, Cbz) amino acids, N-methyl- amino acids and amino alcohols. Suitable for use as peptide building blocks, in cell culture media and as pharmacologically active molecules.

Amino Acid Derivatives

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Structure for N-A-Acetyl-L-arginine


Glentham Code: GK3305

CAS: 155-84-0

Structure for Ac-Ala-OH


Glentham Code: GM3658

CAS: 97-69-8

Structure for Ac-3,5-dinitro-Tyr-OH


Glentham Code: GM0712

CAS: 20767-00-4

Structure for 4-Acetamidobenzoic acid

4-Acetamidobenzoic acid

Glentham Code: GM0898

CAS: 556-08-1

Structure for N-Acetyl-D-alanine


Glentham Code: GM2947

CAS: 19436-52-3

Structure for N-Acetyl-L-aspartic acid

N-Acetyl-L-aspartic acid

Glentham Code: GM8485

CAS: 997-55-7

Structure for N-Acetyl-L-carnosine


Glentham Code: GM8692

CAS: 56353-15-2

Structure for N-Acetyl-S-(3,4-dimethylbenzene)-L-cysteine


Glentham Code: GM4630

CAS: 581076-72-4

Structure for N-Acetyl-DL-methionine


Glentham Code: GM6415

CAS: 1115-47-5

Structure for N-Acetyl-DL-β-phenylalanine


Glentham Code: GM0329

CAS: 40638-98-0

Structure for N-Acetyl-DL-tryptophan


Glentham Code: GM4354

CAS: 87-32-1

Structure for N-Acetyl-DL-tryptophan, Ph. Eur. grade

N-Acetyl-DL-tryptophan, Ph. Eur. grade

Glentham Code: GM2191

CAS: 87-32-1

Structure for N-Acetyl-DL-valine


Glentham Code: GM7740

CAS: 3067-19-4

Structure for N-Acetyl-L-glutamic acid

N-Acetyl-L-glutamic acid

Glentham Code: GM2975

CAS: 1188-37-0

Structure for N-Acetylglycine


Glentham Code: GM1310

CAS: 543-24-8

Structure for N-Acetyl-L-leucine


Glentham Code: GM6611

CAS: 1188-21-2

Structure for N-Acetyl-D-leucine


Glentham Code: GE3308

CAS: 19764-30-8

Structure for Acetyl-L-leucine 4-nitroanilide

Acetyl-L-leucine 4-nitroanilide

Glentham Code: GM4093

CAS: 19746-40-8

Structure for N-Acetyl-D-methionine


Glentham Code: GM3168

CAS: 1509-92-8

Structure for N-Acetyl-D-penicillamine


Glentham Code: GM6673

CAS: 15537-71-0

Structure for N-Acetyl-L-phenylalanine


Glentham Code: GM0143

CAS: 2018-61-3

Structure for N-Acetyl-S-phenyl-L-cysteine


Glentham Code: GM3549

CAS: 4775-80-8

Structure for N-Acetyl-L-tryptophan


Glentham Code: GM7304

CAS: 1218-34-4

Structure for N-Acetyl-L-tyrosine


Glentham Code: GM0216

CAS: 537-55-3

Structure for N-Acetyl-L-tyrosine ethyl ester monohydrate

N-Acetyl-L-tyrosine ethyl ester monohydrate

Glentham Code: GM5614

CAS: 36546-50-6

Structure for Ac-L-Trp-NH2


Glentham Code: GM3261

CAS: 2382-79-8

Structure for S-(5''-Adenosyl)-L-methionine iodide

S-(5''-Adenosyl)-L-methionine iodide

Glentham Code: GE8584

CAS: 3493-13-8

Structure for D-Alanine benzyl ester p-toluenesulfonate salt

D-Alanine benzyl ester p-toluenesulfonate salt

Glentham Code: GM4346

CAS: 41036-32-2

Structure for D-Alanine tert-butyl ester hydrochloride

D-Alanine tert-butyl ester hydrochloride

Glentham Code: GM5301

CAS: 59531-86-1

Structure for L-Alanyl-L-glutamine


Glentham Code: GE7036

CAS: 39537-23-0

Structure for L-Alanyl-L-glutamine, GlenCell™, suitable for cell culture

L-Alanyl-L-glutamine, GlenCell™, suitable for cell culture

Glentham Code: GE4398

CAS: 39537-23-0

Structure for Ala-Gly


Glentham Code: GM2362

CAS: 687-69-4

Structure for D-allo-Isoleucine


Glentham Code: GM7512

CAS: 1509-35-9

Structure for L-allo-Isoleucine


Glentham Code: GE2121

CAS: 1509-34-8

Structure for Alloc-Gly-OH DCHA salt

Alloc-Gly-OH DCHA salt

Glentham Code: GH5503

CAS: 110637-40-6

Structure for D-Allylglycin


Glentham Code: GM7112

CAS: 54594-06-8

Structure for L-2-Allylglycine hydrochloride

L-2-Allylglycine hydrochloride

Glentham Code: GH3481

CAS: 195316-72-4

Structure for D-2-Allylglycine hydrochloride

D-2-Allylglycine hydrochloride

Glentham Code: GH9636

CAS: 108412-04-0

Structure for Ala-Tyr


Glentham Code: GL9912

CAS: 3061-88-9

Structure for 2(S)-Amino-4-azido-butanoic acid

2(S)-Amino-4-azido-butanoic acid

Glentham Code: GM3282

CAS: 120042-14-0

Structure for L-2-Amino-3-guanidinopropionic acid hydrochloride

L-2-Amino-3-guanidinopropionic acid hydrochloride

Glentham Code: GM7477

CAS: 1482-99-1

Structure for 2-Amino-5-hydroxybenzoic acid

2-Amino-5-hydroxybenzoic acid

Glentham Code: GM5703

CAS: 394-31-0

Structure for 2-Amino-2-norbornanecarboxylic acid

2-Amino-2-norbornanecarboxylic acid

Glentham Code: GM9754

CAS: 20448-79-7

Structure for 4-Aminobenzoic acid

4-Aminobenzoic acid

Glentham Code: GM6679

CAS: 150-13-0

Structure for 4-Aminobenzoic acid sodium salt

4-Aminobenzoic acid sodium salt

Glentham Code: GM2751

CAS: 555-06-6

Structure for 4-Aminobenzoic acid, USP grade

4-Aminobenzoic acid, USP grade

Glentham Code: GM2145

CAS: 150-13-0

Structure for N-(4-Aminobenzoyl)-L-glutamic acid

N-(4-Aminobenzoyl)-L-glutamic acid

Glentham Code: GM4964

CAS: 4271-30-1

Structure for L-2-Aminobutyric acid

L-2-Aminobutyric acid

Glentham Code: GM6036

CAS: 1492-24-6

Structure for 4-Aminobutyric acid

4-Aminobutyric acid

Glentham Code: GK0362

CAS: 56-12-2

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