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We supply a range of high quality recombinant enzymes, including DNA polymerases, reverse transcriptases, DNA ligases and proteases. These are suitable for use in PCR, in vitro diagnostics and other analytical applications.


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N-Acetylneuraminic acid aldolase

Glentham Code: GN3847

CAS: 9027-60-5

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Acyl-coenzyme A synthetase, recombinant

Glentham Code: GZ4613

CAS: 9013-18-7

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Alcohol Dehydrogenase

Glentham Code: GZ9684

CAS: 9031-72-5

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Glentham Code: GE8431

CAS: 9024-52-6

Structure for Alkaline Phosphatase, 100 U/mg, from human placenta

Alkaline Phosphatase, 100 U/mg, from human placenta

Glentham Code: GZ1651

CAS: 9001-78-9

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beta-Amylase, from soy

Glentham Code: GZ8786

CAS: 9000-91-3

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beta-Amylase, from barley

Glentham Code: GZ9736

CAS: 9000-91-3

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alpha-Amylase, liquid

Glentham Code: GK2343

CAS: 9000-85-5

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alpha-Amylase (with starch)

Glentham Code: GE7409

CAS: 9000-90-2

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Ascorbate Oxidase

Glentham Code: GZ6468

CAS: 9029-44-1

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Glentham Code: GX2339

CAS: 9015-68-3

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Glentham Code: GZ5641

CAS: 9015-68-3

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Aspartate Transaminase, ammonium sulfate suspension

Glentham Code: GZ1012

CAS: 9000-97-9

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Glentham Code: GE4830

CAS: 37189-34-7

Structure for Calmodulin-dependent Protein Kinase II fragment 290-309

Calmodulin-dependent Protein Kinase II fragment 290-309

Glentham Code: GK7214

CAS: 115044-69-4

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Catalase, from Aspergillus Niger

Glentham Code: GE8287

CAS: 9001-05-2

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Catalase, 40,000 U/mg protein

Glentham Code: GZ3941

CAS: 9001-05-2

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Catalase, bovine origin

Glentham Code: GZ8774

CAS: 9001-05-2

Structure for 2-Chloro-4-nitrophenyl b-D-maltotrioside

2-Chloro-4-nitrophenyl b-D-maltotrioside

Glentham Code: GC5397

CAS: 165522-16-7

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Cholesterol Esterase from Pseudomonas sp.

Glentham Code: GE2508

CAS: 9026-00-0

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Cholesterol Oxidase

Glentham Code: GZ8973

CAS: 9028-76-6

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Choline Oxidase

Glentham Code: GZ8494

CAS: 9028-67-5

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Glentham Code: GZ9654

CAS: 37340-58-2

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Glentham Code: GZ5654

CAS: 9025-13-2

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Creatinine Deiminase

Glentham Code: GZ7594

CAS: 37289-15-9

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Malate Dehydrogenase

Glentham Code: GZ3544

CAS: 9001-64-3

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Deoxyribonuclease I

Glentham Code: GZ2164

CAS: 9003-98-9

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Glentham Code: GZ6951

CAS: 9001-18-7

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Formaldehyde Dehydrogenase

Glentham Code: GZ6513

CAS: 9028-84-6

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Glentham Code: GZ6456

CAS: 9031-11-2

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Glentham Code: GZ6512

CAS: 9032-08-0

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Glucose Dehydrogenase

Glentham Code: GZ5315

CAS: 9028-53-9

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Glucose Oxidase

Glentham Code: GZ1910

CAS: 9001-37-0

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Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase

Glentham Code: GZ3212

CAS: 9001-40-5

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Glentham Code: GZ1265

CAS: 9001-42-7

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beta-Glucosidase, from almonds

Glentham Code: GZ4898

CAS: 9001-22-3

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Glutamate Dehydrogenase

Glentham Code: GZ6864

CAS: 9029-11-2

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L-Glutamate Oxidase

Glentham Code: GZ4512

CAS: 39346-34-4

Structure for Glutamic-pyruvate Transaminase

Glutamic-pyruvate Transaminase

Glentham Code: GZ1654

CAS: 9000-86-6

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Glentham Code: GZ5356

CAS: 9001-47-2

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Glycerol Dehydrogenase

Glentham Code: GZ6515

CAS: 9028-14-2

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Glycerol Kinase

Glentham Code: GZ6416

CAS: 9030-66-4

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L-alpha-Glycerophosphate oxidase

Glentham Code: GX3149

CAS: 9046-28-0

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Glentham Code: GZ1653

CAS: 9001-51-8

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Glentham Code: GZ3821

CAS: 9025-65-4

Structure for Hyaluronidase


Glentham Code: GE8970

CAS: 9001-54-1

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P-Hydroxybenzoate Hydroxylase

Glentham Code: GZ2335

CAS: 9059-23-8

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beta-Hydroxybutyrate Dehydrogenase

Glentham Code: GZ8585

CAS: 9028-38-0

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Glentham Code: GZ3578

CAS: 9001-57-4

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D-Lactate Dehydrogenase

Glentham Code: GZ1268

CAS: 37250-79-6

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