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Enzyme Inhibitors

Enzyme inhibitors for protease inhibition in recombinant protein production and specific functions in cell biology and biochemistry. Key products include AEBSF hydrochloride, benzamidine hydrochloride and bestatin hydrochloride.

Enzyme Inhibitors

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Structure for AEBSF hydrochloride

AEBSF hydrochloride

Glentham Code: GE4678

CAS: 30827-99-7

Structure for Antipain dihydrochloride

Antipain dihydrochloride

Glentham Code: GL6582

CAS: 37682-72-7

Structure for Argatroban


Glentham Code: GP6176

CAS: 74863-84-6

Structure for Bestatin hydrochloride

Bestatin hydrochloride

Glentham Code: GA7849

CAS: 65391-42-6

Structure for Bortezomib


Glentham Code: GP0262

CAS: 179324-69-7

Structure for Calpain Inhibitor I

Calpain Inhibitor I

Glentham Code: GK5680

CAS: 110044-82-1

Structure for Calpain Inhibitor II

Calpain Inhibitor II

Glentham Code: GK6416

CAS: 145757-50-2

Structure for Carfilzomib


Glentham Code: GP8753

CAS: 868540-17-4

Structure for DAPT


Glentham Code: GK0567

CAS: 208255-80-5

Structure for E-64d protease inhibitor

E-64d protease inhibitor

Glentham Code: GL9790

CAS: 88321-09-9

Structure for Elastatinal microbial

Elastatinal microbial

Glentham Code: GL1320

CAS: 51798-45-9

Structure for E-64 protease inhibitor

E-64 protease inhibitor

Glentham Code: GL4130

CAS: 66701-25-5

Structure for Fumagillin


Glentham Code: GA9027

CAS: 23110-15-8

Structure for Ilomastat


Glentham Code: GK4753

CAS: 142880-36-2

Structure for IU1


Glentham Code: GL4861

CAS: 314245-33-5

Structure for Lactacystin


Glentham Code: GK3911

CAS: 133343-34-7

Structure for LDN-57444


Glentham Code: GL0531

CAS: 668467-91-2

Structure for Leupeptin hemisulfate

Leupeptin hemisulfate

Glentham Code: GE7125

CAS: 103476-89-7

Structure for MK-2206 dihydrochloride

MK-2206 dihydrochloride

Glentham Code: GE4193

CAS: 1032350-13-2

Structure for Nafamostat


Glentham Code: GP2945

CAS: 81525-10-2

Structure for Nafamostat mesylate

Nafamostat mesylate

Glentham Code: GP5144

CAS: 82956-11-4

Structure for NNGH


Glentham Code: GK3344

CAS: 161314-17-6

Structure for Nα-Tosyl-L-lysine chloromethyl ketone hydrochloride

Nα-Tosyl-L-lysine chloromethyl ketone hydrochloride

Glentham Code: GL3915

CAS: 4272-74-6

Structure for PD 150606

PD 150606

Glentham Code: GK0334

CAS: 179528-45-1

Structure for Pepstatin A

Pepstatin A

Glentham Code: GE3524

CAS: 26305-03-3

Structure for Phosphoramidon disodium salt

Phosphoramidon disodium salt

Glentham Code: GK5910

CAS: 119942-99-3

Structure for N-p-Tosyl-L-phenylalanine chloromethyl ketone

N-p-Tosyl-L-phenylalanine chloromethyl ketone

Glentham Code: GL8823

CAS: 402-71-1

Structure for Pyr10


Glentham Code: GZ0258

CAS: 1315323-00-2

Structure for Suramin sodium salt

Suramin sodium salt

Glentham Code: GP0138

CAS: 129-46-4

Structure for Vildagliptin


Glentham Code: GP4588

CAS: 274901-16-5

Structure for Z-Leu-Leu-Leu-al


Glentham Code: GK3641

CAS: 133407-82-6

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Z-VAD-FMK, cell permeable

Glentham Code: GL1523

CAS: 187389-52-2

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