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Dyes & Stains

A range of high quality dyes, stains and indicators suitable for haematology and histology (nucleic acids and proteins); in vitro diagnostics, general laboratory use (pH indication) and industrial applications. Best sellers include Bromocresol Green, Oracet Blue and Sudan Black.

Dyes & Stains

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Structure for ABD-F


Glentham Code: GT6137

CAS: 91366-65-3

Structure for Acetaldehyde-2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazone


Glentham Code: GT9312

CAS: 1019-57-4

Structure for Acetone-2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazone


Glentham Code: GT5077

CAS: 1567-89-1

Structure for 3-Acetylnoradamantane


Glentham Code: GT6327

CAS: 29844-80-2

Structure for Acid Blue 113

Acid Blue 113

Glentham Code: GT8844

CAS: 3351-05-1

Structure for Acid Blue 120

Acid Blue 120

Glentham Code: GK2372

CAS: 3529-01-9

Structure for Acid Blue 129

Acid Blue 129

Glentham Code: GT4586

CAS: 6397-02-0

Structure for Acid Blue 161

Acid Blue 161

Glentham Code: GT4370

CAS: 12392-64-2

Structure for Acid Blue 25

Acid Blue 25

Glentham Code: GT2243

CAS: 6408-78-2

Structure for Acid Blue 29

Acid Blue 29

Glentham Code: GT2925

CAS: 5850-35-1

Structure for Acid Blue 40 (C.I. 62125)

Acid Blue 40 (C.I. 62125)

Glentham Code: GT4451

CAS: 6424-85-7

Structure for Acid Blue 80

Acid Blue 80

Glentham Code: GT9286

CAS: 4474-24-2

Structure for Acid Fuchsin calcium salt

Acid Fuchsin calcium salt

Glentham Code: GT7822

CAS: 123334-10-1

Structure for Acid Fuchsin (C.I. 42685)

Acid Fuchsin (C.I. 42685)

Glentham Code: GT8266

CAS: 3244-88-0

Structure for Acid Green 50

Acid Green 50

Glentham Code: GT1171

CAS: 3087-16-9

Structure for Acid Green 27

Acid Green 27

Glentham Code: GT3830

CAS: 6408-57-7

Structure for Acid Orange 63

Acid Orange 63

Glentham Code: GT4425

CAS: 15792-50-4

Structure for Acid Orange 8

Acid Orange 8

Glentham Code: GT0968

CAS: 5850-86-2

Structure for Acid Red 88

Acid Red 88

Glentham Code: GT3377

CAS: 1658-56-6

Structure for Acid Red 1 (C.I. 18050)

Acid Red 1 (C.I. 18050)

Glentham Code: GT6503

CAS: 3734-67-6

Structure for Acid Red 183

Acid Red 183

Glentham Code: GT1304

CAS: 6408-31-7

Structure for Acid Red 114

Acid Red 114

Glentham Code: GT8248

CAS: 6459-94-5

Structure for Acid Red 97

Acid Red 97

Glentham Code: GK8484

CAS: 10169-02-5

Structure for Acid Red 37 diammonium salt (C.I. 17045)

Acid Red 37 diammonium salt (C.I. 17045)

Glentham Code: GT7410

CAS: 302912-22-7

Structure for Acid Violet 7

Acid Violet 7

Glentham Code: GT4747

CAS: 4321-69-1

Structure for Acid Violet 17 (C.I. 42650)

Acid Violet 17 (C.I. 42650)

Glentham Code: GT4801

CAS: 4129-84-4

Structure for Acid Yellow 99 (C.I. 13900)

Acid Yellow 99 (C.I. 13900)

Glentham Code: GT0748

CAS: 10343-58-5

Structure for Acid Yellow 25

Acid Yellow 25

Glentham Code: GT6901

CAS: 6359-85-9

Structure for Acid Yellow 17

Acid Yellow 17

Glentham Code: GL2742

CAS: 6359-98-4

Structure for Acridine


Glentham Code: GT8663

CAS: 260-94-6

Structure for Acridine Orange base

Acridine Orange base

Glentham Code: GT9731

CAS: 494-38-2

Structure for Acridine Orange hemi(zinc chloride) salt (C.I. 46005)

Acridine Orange hemi(zinc chloride) salt (C.I. 46005)

Glentham Code: GT9224

CAS: 10127-02-3

Structure for Acridine Orange hydrochloride hydrate

Acridine Orange hydrochloride hydrate

Glentham Code: GL1836

CAS: 65-61-2

Structure for Acridine Orange 10-nonyl bromide

Acridine Orange 10-nonyl bromide

Glentham Code: GT5850

CAS: 75168-11-5

Structure for Acridine Yellow G (C.I. 46025)

Acridine Yellow G (C.I. 46025)

Glentham Code: GT5724

CAS: 135-49-9

Structure for Acridone


Glentham Code: GT9954

CAS: 578-95-0

Structure for Acriflavine hydrochloride (C.I. 46000)

Acriflavine hydrochloride (C.I. 46000)

Glentham Code: GT3998

CAS: 69235-50-3

Structure for Acriflavine neutral

Acriflavine neutral

Glentham Code: GT4120

CAS: 8048-52-0

Structure for N-Acryloyl-1-pyrenebutylamine


Glentham Code: GT3399

CAS: 133399-57-2

Structure for Adrenochrome


Glentham Code: GT6412

CAS: 54-06-8

Structure for L-Alanine-7-amido-4-methylcoumarin trifluoroacetic acid salt

L-Alanine-7-amido-4-methylcoumarin trifluoroacetic acid salt

Glentham Code: GC8079

CAS: 96594-10-4

Structure for Alcian Blue, 1% solution in 3% acetic acid, pH 2.5

Alcian Blue, 1% solution in 3% acetic acid, pH 2.5

Glentham Code: GE7998

CAS: 75881-23-1

Structure for Alcian Blue 8 GX (C.I. 74240)

Alcian Blue 8 GX (C.I. 74240)

Glentham Code: GT8542

CAS: 75881-23-1

Structure for Alcian Yellow (C.I. 12840)

Alcian Yellow (C.I. 12840)

Glentham Code: GT4246

CAS: 61968-76-1

Structure for Alizarin Blue Black B

Alizarin Blue Black B

Glentham Code: GT2093

CAS: 1324-21-6

Structure for Alizarin (C.I. 58000)

Alizarin (C.I. 58000)

Glentham Code: GT5801

CAS: 72-48-0

Structure for Alizarin Complexone

Alizarin Complexone

Glentham Code: GT6797

CAS: 3952-78-1

Structure for Alizarin Cyanin Green G (C.I. 61570)

Alizarin Cyanin Green G (C.I. 61570)

Glentham Code: GT6193

CAS: 4403-90-1

Structure for Alizarin Red S (C.I. 58005)

Alizarin Red S (C.I. 58005)

Glentham Code: GT6383

CAS: 130-22-3

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