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A comprehensive, combined list of chemicals and biochemicals from other key ranges, including amino acids, antibiotics and biological buffers. Additional products in this range include small bioactive molecules that are not found in our APIs range.


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Structure for O-Acetyl-L-serine hydrochloride

O-Acetyl-L-serine hydrochloride

Glentham Code: GV4472

CAS: 66638-22-0

Structure for Acetylsimvastatin


Glentham Code: GP2841

CAS: 145576-25-6

Structure for Acetylthiocholine bromide

Acetylthiocholine bromide

Glentham Code: GE9361

CAS: 25025-59-6

Structure for Acetylthiocholine chloride

Acetylthiocholine chloride

Glentham Code: GE0317

CAS: 6050-81-3

Structure for Acetylthiocholine iodide

Acetylthiocholine iodide

Glentham Code: GE4789

CAS: 1866-15-5

Structure for N-Acetyl-L-tyrosine


Glentham Code: GM0216

CAS: 537-55-3

Structure for N-Acetyl-L-tyrosine ethyl ester monohydrate

N-Acetyl-L-tyrosine ethyl ester monohydrate

Glentham Code: GM5614

CAS: 36546-50-6

Structure for 1,2,3,4-Tetra-O-acetyl-b-D-xylopyranose


Glentham Code: GC5906

CAS: 4049-33-6

Structure for Acid Fuchsin calcium salt

Acid Fuchsin calcium salt

Glentham Code: GT7822

CAS: 123334-10-1

Structure for Acitretin


Glentham Code: GP9248

CAS: 55079-83-9

Structure for Acitretin, EP grade

Acitretin, EP grade

Glentham Code: GP5421

CAS: 55079-83-9

Structure for Acridine Orange hemi(zinc chloride) salt (C.I. 46005)

Acridine Orange hemi(zinc chloride) salt (C.I. 46005)

Glentham Code: GT9224

CAS: 10127-02-3

Structure for Acridine Yellow G (C.I. 46025)

Acridine Yellow G (C.I. 46025)

Glentham Code: GT5724

CAS: 135-49-9

Structure for Acriflavine hydrochloride (C.I. 46000)

Acriflavine hydrochloride (C.I. 46000)

Glentham Code: GT3998

CAS: 69235-50-3

Structure for Acriflavine neutral

Acriflavine neutral

Glentham Code: GT4120

CAS: 8048-52-0

Structure for Acrylamide, 98%

Acrylamide, 98%

Glentham Code: GK0096

CAS: 79-06-1

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Acrylamide/Bis-acrylamide, 29:1, 30% solution

Glentham Code: GE4227

CAS: -

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Acrylamide/Bis-acrylamide, 49:1, 30% solution

Glentham Code: GE7064

CAS: -

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Acrylamide/Bis-acrylamide, 49:1, 40% solution

Glentham Code: GE6529

CAS: -

Structure for Acrylamide 4X solution

Acrylamide 4X solution

Glentham Code: GE3215

CAS: 79-06-1

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Acrylamide/Bis-acrylamide, 29:1, 40% solution

Glentham Code: GE0513

CAS: -

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Acrylamide/Bis-acrylamide, 19:1, 30% solution

Glentham Code: GE5044

CAS: -

Structure for Acrylamide, suitable for electrophoresis

Acrylamide, suitable for electrophoresis

Glentham Code: GK5651

CAS: 79-06-1

Structure for Acryloylsarcosine methyl ester

Acryloylsarcosine methyl ester

Glentham Code: GE2300

CAS: 72065-23-7

Structure for Actinomycin D

Actinomycin D

Glentham Code: GA0481

CAS: 50-76-0

Structure for Activated charcoal, powder, EP grade

Activated charcoal, powder, EP grade

Glentham Code: GX1921

CAS: 7440-44-0

Structure for Acyclovir


Glentham Code: GA7641

CAS: 59277-89-3

Structure for Acyclovir, USP grade

Acyclovir, USP grade

Glentham Code: GA2411

CAS: 59277-89-3

Structure for ADA


Glentham Code: GM7835

CAS: 26239-55-4

Structure for ADA disodium salt

ADA disodium salt

Glentham Code: GB0256

CAS: 41689-31-0

Structure for Adefovir


Glentham Code: GP5887

CAS: 106941-25-7

Structure for Adefovir dipivoxil

Adefovir dipivoxil

Glentham Code: GP5823

CAS: 142340-99-6

Structure for Adenine


Glentham Code: GE7863

CAS: 73-24-5

Structure for Adenine 9-beta-D-arabinofuranoside

Adenine 9-beta-D-arabinofuranoside

Glentham Code: GA0167

CAS: 5536-17-4

Structure for Adenine-9-beta-D-arabinofuranoside-5''-monophosphate


Glentham Code: GE2372

CAS: 29984-33-6

Structure for Adenine monohydrochloride

Adenine monohydrochloride

Glentham Code: GE9458

CAS: 2922-28-3

Structure for Adenine sulfate

Adenine sulfate

Glentham Code: GE5051

CAS: 321-30-2

Structure for Adenine sulfate dihydrate

Adenine sulfate dihydrate

Glentham Code: GE2110

CAS: 6509-19-9

Structure for Adenine, USP grade

Adenine, USP grade

Glentham Code: GE4704

CAS: 73-24-5

Structure for Adenosine


Glentham Code: GE1212

CAS: 58-61-7

Structure for Adenosine 5''-monophosphate

Adenosine 5''-monophosphate

Glentham Code: GV7058

CAS: 61-19-8

Structure for Adenosine 3''-,5''-cyclic monophosphate

Adenosine 3''-,5''-cyclic monophosphate

Glentham Code: GE3544

CAS: 60-92-4

Structure for Adenosine-2'',3''-cyclic monophosphate sodium salt

Adenosine-2'',3''-cyclic monophosphate sodium salt

Glentham Code: GE8742

CAS: 37063-35-7

Structure for Adenosine-3'',5''-cyclic monophosphate sodium salt

Adenosine-3'',5''-cyclic monophosphate sodium salt

Glentham Code: GE2089

CAS: 37839-81-9

Structure for Adenosine 5''-diphosphate disodium salt

Adenosine 5''-diphosphate disodium salt

Glentham Code: GE3988

CAS: 16178-48-6

Structure for Adenosine 5''-monophosphate disodium salt

Adenosine 5''-monophosphate disodium salt

Glentham Code: GN7778

CAS: 4578-31-8

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