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Our range of steroids for research including androgens, estrogens, corticosteroids, D vitamines and cholesterol based products.


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Structure for β-Estradiol 17-(β-D-glucuronide) sodium salt

β-Estradiol 17-(β-D-glucuronide) sodium salt

Glentham Code: GK2475

CAS: 15087-02-2

Structure for β-Estradiol 17-hemisuccinate

β-Estradiol 17-hemisuccinate

Glentham Code: GL0665

CAS: 7698-93-3

Structure for β-Estradiol-6-one


Glentham Code: GL5000

CAS: 571-92-6

Structure for β-Estradiol-6-one 6-(O-carboxymethyloxime)

β-Estradiol-6-one 6-(O-carboxymethyloxime)

Glentham Code: GL1881

CAS: 35048-47-6

Structure for Estradiol 3-sulfate 17b-glucuronide dipotassium salt

Estradiol 3-sulfate 17b-glucuronide dipotassium salt

Glentham Code: GC6826

CAS: 10392-35-5

Structure for β-Estradiol 3-sulfate sodium salt

β-Estradiol 3-sulfate sodium salt

Glentham Code: GL0792

CAS: 4999-79-5

Structure for Estriol


Glentham Code: GP3903

CAS: 50-27-1

Structure for Estriol 3-(β-D-glucuronide) sodium salt

Estriol 3-(β-D-glucuronide) sodium salt

Glentham Code: GK5575

CAS: 15087-06-6

Structure for Estriol 16α-(β-D-glucuronide) sodium salt

Estriol 16α-(β-D-glucuronide) sodium salt

Glentham Code: GK9733

CAS: 1852-44-4

Structure for Estriol 3-sulfate sodium salt

Estriol 3-sulfate sodium salt

Glentham Code: GL2869

CAS: 5150-64-1

Structure for Estrone 3-methyl ether

Estrone 3-methyl ether

Glentham Code: GK5552

CAS: 1624-62-0

Structure for Estropipate


Glentham Code: GP0263

CAS: 7280-37-7

Structure for Ethinylestradiol


Glentham Code: GP3324

CAS: 57-63-6

Structure for Ethisterone


Glentham Code: GP7068

CAS: 434-03-7

Structure for Ethynodiol diacetate

Ethynodiol diacetate

Glentham Code: GP8096

CAS: 297-76-7

Structure for Etiocholanolone D-glucuronide

Etiocholanolone D-glucuronide

Glentham Code: GC3136

CAS: 3602-09-3

Structure for Exalamide


Glentham Code: GP2116

CAS: 53370-90-4

Structure for Fludrocortisone acetate

Fludrocortisone acetate

Glentham Code: GL8956

CAS: 514-36-3

Structure for Fludrocortisone acetate, Ph. Eur., USP grade

Fludrocortisone acetate, Ph. Eur., USP grade

Glentham Code: GL6401

CAS: 514-36-3

Structure for Flumethasone


Glentham Code: GA2414

CAS: 2135-17-3

Structure for Fluocinonide, micronised

Fluocinonide, micronised

Glentham Code: GP3657

CAS: 356-12-7

Structure for Fluorometholone


Glentham Code: GP8238

CAS: 426-13-1

Structure for Fucosterol


Glentham Code: GK5867

CAS: 17605-67-3

Structure for Fusidic acid sodium salt

Fusidic acid sodium salt

Glentham Code: GA1411

CAS: 751-94-0

Structure for Fusidic acid sodium salt, EP grade

Fusidic acid sodium salt, EP grade

Glentham Code: GA8310

CAS: 751-94-0

Structure for Ganaxolone


Glentham Code: GL5132

CAS: 38398-32-2

Structure for Gestoden


Glentham Code: GP9686

CAS: 60282-87-3

Structure for Gestrinone


Glentham Code: GP4139

CAS: 16320-04-0

Structure for Ginkgolide J

Ginkgolide J

Glentham Code: GK9560

CAS: 107438-79-9

Structure for GSK 4716

GSK 4716

Glentham Code: GK6699

CAS: 101574-65-6

Structure for (Z)-Guggulsterone


Glentham Code: GK5162

CAS: 39025-23-5

Structure for Halobetasol propionate

Halobetasol propionate

Glentham Code: GP0244

CAS: 66852-54-8

Structure for Heptaethylene glycol monododecyl ether

Heptaethylene glycol monododecyl ether

Glentham Code: GL7250

CAS: 3055-97-8

Structure for Hydrocortisone


Glentham Code: GP8860

CAS: 50-23-7

Structure for Hydrocortisone butyrate

Hydrocortisone butyrate

Glentham Code: GP5848

CAS: 13609-67-1

Structure for Hydrocortisone butyrate, USP grade

Hydrocortisone butyrate, USP grade

Glentham Code: GP8748

CAS: 13609-67-1

Structure for Hydrocortisone 3-(O-carboxymethyl)oxime

Hydrocortisone 3-(O-carboxymethyl)oxime

Glentham Code: GL3591

CAS: 43188-86-9

Structure for Hydrocortisone 21-hemisuccinate sodium salt

Hydrocortisone 21-hemisuccinate sodium salt

Glentham Code: GK1717

CAS: 125-04-2

Structure for 22(R)-Hydroxycholesterol


Glentham Code: GK8616

CAS: 17954-98-2

Structure for 7-beta-Hydroxycholesterol


Glentham Code: GL3845

CAS: 566-27-8

Structure for 25-Hydroxycholesterol


Glentham Code: GK9955

CAS: 2140-46-7

Structure for 6β-Hydroxycortisol


Glentham Code: GL5166

CAS: 3078-34-0

Structure for 20-Hydroxyecdysone, 90%

20-Hydroxyecdysone, 90%

Glentham Code: GP0436

CAS: 5289-74-7

Structure for 20-Hydroxyecdysone, 97%

20-Hydroxyecdysone, 97%

Glentham Code: GP9112

CAS: 5289-74-7

Structure for 2-Hydroxyestradiol


Glentham Code: GL9120

CAS: 362-05-0

Structure for 11-alpha-Hydroxyprogesterone


Glentham Code: GK8220

CAS: 80-75-1

Structure for 21-Hydroxyprogesterone


Glentham Code: GL4964

CAS: 64-85-7

Structure for 11a-Hydroxy progesterone b-D-glucuronide

11a-Hydroxy progesterone b-D-glucuronide

Glentham Code: GC7726

CAS: 77710-64-6

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